The beautiful suburb area of Greenwood Village is one of Denver’s most beautiful metropolitan areas; its beauty though isn’t free of natural disasters or accidents that leave damages to business and homes. Our business offers specialized services for damages that strike relating to water, mold and fire accidents.  Only professionals know how to deal best with flooding or, even worse, mold that threatens the safe of your home! Our Emergency Restoration Team response has the proper qualification and experience to solve your problems; we are only a phone call away.

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When disaster strikes, it can be in many forms and affect unexpected home or business owner. Greenwood Village is not a stranger to changing seasons that can lead to flooding or even to incidents involving minor fires. Our company provides services for restoration of properties in various locations around the country. Each of our businesses has the experience and licensing that is required for predicaments of this nature, which occur at a moment’s notice. Whether you have inquiries about or service or want to schedule appoints for repairs on water, mold or fire damages we are ready are on call 24/7.

Greenwood Village Emergency Restoration Services

Plumbing gone wrong or pipes that burst are common to pop up unexpectedly and without immediate attention can complicate matters quickly. Our professional response team knows how to extract water successfully and efficiently containing water leakages and other property within the location.  Using the latest equipment for water removal our company utilizes water pumps to clean up the contaminated water known to create health problems and damages your property.  In order to secure that your property is back to its original state we employ drying and a thorough dehumidification technique.  Once water leakage problems are eliminated we finalize our services by sterilizing the premises making your home/business a clean, safe and habitable once again.

Golden Mold Damage Services

            A popular side-effect of flooding that is known to emerge from walls and floors are the procreation of mold.  Due to a combination of temperature, humidity and other dangerous contributing factors, mold becomes a very real problem to house and business owners. Mold spreads fast and leaves serious damage to the structure of the facility, which is why you need professional services that will exterminate this cumbersome unwelcome guest.  Our Emergency Response Team knows how to contain, sterilize and get rid of mold using top quality equipment; our professionals are certified and have worked with damages of this kind for years.

Our offices are open day and night ready for any emergency calls that come our way! We promise to arrive to your location within the hour, contact us for any of our offer services or if you have any questions at

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