A mold infestation is probably one of the worst types of property damages that can occur in homes and business. This health hazard spreads quickly and can procreate behind walls, under floors, and other unexpected locations within your property. Mold poses serious health problems which can affect those living in your home or business.  The pathogen is commonly a result of water leakages causing irreparable consequences to your property.

            Urgent action is needed to exterminate mold before it can spread any further. Our Emergency Restoration team is in charge of getting rid of this pest. Being certified by the IICRC, the department in charge of training technicians for this sort of problem, our staff will work as fast and efficiently as possible. Our team analyzes the severity of the situation by gathering swab, airborne and tape test samples from the premises. Once they know how much the mold has propagated, they initiate complete removal using our modern equipment; they will then sanitize your home or businesses and complete a restoration process.  We can assure you that we’ll clean up your mold nightmare to get your life back to normal once again.

We take pride in providing you with a clean house, rid of the foul mold infested odor at your location once and for all. Call Greenwood Village Emergency Restoration today; we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for any emergency that comes your way.

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